As the men of Freedom Church we strive for walking in purity, fighting for truth, being teachable and humble, protecting the innocent and vulnerable, and growing in God's Word.

Friday Morning Fight Club

Fight Club is every Friday morning from 6-7:30. Both single and married men gather for the purpose of encouraging one another to fight the good fight of faith. We spend time praying together, studying God's Word, and outreaching to the community.

If you are interested in getting plugged in, email Pastor Eric Trout:


The world has no shortage of males but still a great need for real MEN. Three basic characteristics define a man: accountability, integrity, and responsibility. Historically most cultures have a defining ceremony that calls males into manhood -- a tradition that has been lost in America. Becoming a man isn't something that just 'happens;' it comes about when one is called into manhood and his character is forged by the men around him. This is why Freedom NW hosts a Rites of Passage ceremony to call boys and males into manhood and character. This is for all ages to attend, but the ceremony is for those 13 and older.

Sept 18: Info Meeting 12am-1pm I Oct 22: Training 9am-12am I Oct 25: Training 7pm-9pm  
Oct 29: Ceremony 6pm-9pm

NOTE: Meetings and Trainings are a mandatory prerequisite. 


If you love the outdoors, this is definitely for you. If you don't love the outdoors, this is still for you! There's something for everyone on a trip like this, and the value of the memories created and relationships built is priceless. This is a time to connect with the men in our community, seek God, and challenge yourself physically + spiritually.  Register below to save your spot!


Head to the church on November 5th for Saturday morning breakfast and fellowship with our men. Food will be provided so sign below to make sure we know how many mouths to feed!